At what type of events are photo booths most popular?
photo booth is guaranteed fun for all types of events including: weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, corporate events, holiday parties, birthday parties, fundraisers, etc. People of all ages and backgrounds love photo booths! 


Is the booth easy to use?
The booth is very easy to use! Just get in, smile, and press the big button. The booth will take 4 shots approximately 5-10 seconds apart; each photo will be displayed on a monitor inside the booth. Seconds later the pictures are printed and available inside the booth. 

Can the photo strips be personalized?
Yes, we can add a personalized logo to the bottom of each strip. Please inquire for more details. 

Aren’t all photo booths kind of the same?
Here’s the deal: NOT all photo booths are created equally. If you care about what your photo booth looks like and how it performs, then you are right where you should be. And we’re glad to have you! 

Is there a limit on how many photos we can print at the event?
No. Each package comes with unlimited prints during your event! 

Does the booth print color or black and white photos?
The booth prints color or black and white photos. You choose! 

Is someone from your company there during the event?
Yes. Included in the rental is an on-site professional who will be there for the duration of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Are there special power requirements to run the booth?
No. All that is required is access to one standard 110V outlet within 30 ft of the booth. 

Are the photos printed right on the spot?
Yes. The booth will print the photos within seconds for your guests' immediate enjoyment. 

With this option you are guaranteed to have a wonderful memento of your event. Here's how it works! Guests will be provided with double prints of all photos. Guests will then cut their strips in half so that they can place them in the scrapbook and write a message to go along with it. Scrapbook, scissors, glue sticks, and pens are included. Please note, client must provide a table and ensure appropriate space. 

Can I get copies of all the photos after the event is over?
Yes. A complimentary Usb of all photos taken at the event is included in the rental fee.